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Mortgage applications are a gamble

  • 12 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

Jackpot City Bingo

Our Hideout spies have been out in force again this week, seeing where the most interesting bingo stories are hiding. On our travels across cyberspace we did come across an interesting article in the Irish Times this week…

Don’t bank on it

The article states that in an interview with Michael Dowling who is the spokesman for the Independent Mortgages Advisers Federation, he stated to the paper that in times of economic downturn, the banks are paying more attention to the current account statements they are presented with when a new mortgage application is made. He went on to say that should transfers of funds into any online gambling sites show up on those statements, the banks are more likely to reject the application than before.

Online presence rejected

Stating that, “Banks are paying a lot more attention to bank statements now . . . and if they see even €150 going into an online gambling account each month they frown on it,”. As a representative of Ireland’s biggest group of independent advisors, this indication of how reserved the financial world’s approach to lending has become is not only a sign of the financial times in the bigger picture, but it can also be a very bad sign for players of online bingo.

Keep your affairs private

As bad as this may sound to regular players of bingo online, there are ways to save your bingo funds from preventing you from getting the property you want. With so many bingo sites such as Crown Bingo, Jackpot City Bingo and Bingo on the Box taking payments through methods such as Ukash, you needn’t share your banking details with any site in order to play.

Ukash offers users the ability to exchange cash for a pre paid pin number online, in stores around the country and via your mobile. This facility is also useful for those who do not wish to sign up for credit cards. For more information visit the Ukash web site.

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