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Mrs Obama plays Mandela in a bingo game for the history book

  • 22 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Gala Bingo

Last year as you may remember, we reported that Mrs Kezia Obama, President Obama’s stepmother was the face of a charity bingo game hosted by Gala Bingo. As part of the push to raise much needed funds for Sue Ryder Care, Mrs Obama run an exclusive game of online bingo over the duration of her step son’s inauguration period. Now in her next step toward helping others, she is taking her favourite hobby to South Africa to raise funds and this time she has her sights set even higher!

Fundraising fun for those most in need

Our favourite face of fundraising bingo is in fact, off to raise money for Operation Hunger and in order to raise the profile of the importance of these games, she intends to play a game of bingo with the former leader, and universal icon of freedom, Nelson Mandela. Mrs Obama is set to play many a game of bingo during her trip, of which all the proceeds will be donated to this worthy fund, but surely there can be no greater game than the one played out between her and Mr Mandela?

How bingo games will help

Operation Hunger’s mission is to aid the combat against malnutrition and works toward development work for the “poorest of the poor” in the region. Focusing on child growth, Operation Hunger aims to improve ‘water supply, environmental sanitation, health/hygiene, education, income generation and small scale agricultural projects’. The group also works toward HIV/AIDS prevention as well as investing in many TB projects, so we at the Hideout cannot think of a more worthy cause for Mrs Obama to front, nor for Mr Mandela to support. Good luck to both parties, and we hope Mrs Obama raises a huge amount of money to help those who need it most.

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