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National Bingo Game launches Breast cancer charity bingo game

  • 25 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

National Bingo GameEveryone likes to do their bit for charity, but with money a little bit more scarce this year than in previous years, it might be the least of our priorities.  However if it is possible to make a charitable donation whilst enjoying bingo games in all their various forms, then that has to be a good thing.  It therefore comes as a breath of fresh air to find that The National Bingo Game has launched a special ‘Breakthrough Bingo’ game in conjunction with the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity.

As our recent online bingo survey showed the majority of online bingo players are female and this trend is also seen in the more traditional bingo hall with the largest proportion of bingo players being female.  The decision therefore of the National Bingo game to choose this particular charity is likely to be a very popular choice with bingo players and one no doubt that will be close to many bingo players hearts.

Prizes given for any bingo scratch card number matched

The National Bingo Game are very excited about their new Breakthrough Bingo scratch card game which will provide bingo players with the opportunity to win bingo prizes of up to £1,000. The special Breakthrough Bingo scratch cards will have five numbers that need to be scratched off and matched to the numbers in the National Bingo Game session.  A win is received for any match that is made, if one number is matched then a bingo player will receive £2, if 2 numbers are matched then the player will win £5, a mystery cash prize will be won on three numbers being matched, on matches of four or five numbers the lucky bingo player will win £1,000.

Bingo scratch cards to launch soon

For each of the £1 bingo scratch cards sold, a total of 11.5p will be paid to the Breakthrough Promotion Limited, and all of the taxable profits from Breakthrough Promotion Limited will be paid directly to the very worthwhile breast cancer charity.  The special Breakthrough Bingo games are believed to be due to launch on Monday 5th October, and are expected to run until the end of the year.  The National Bingo Game also has a special event planned for Christmas when a car is expected to be available to win in the Breakthrough Bingo game.

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