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New Bingo App Launched for Car Enthusiasts

  • 16 Feb 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIt would appear that it’s not just traditional land-based and online bingo that’s enjoyed by people all around the UK. Aside from employees who are partial to a round or two of so-called ‘corporate bingo’ during dull work meetings, it’s now been pounced upon by one of the nation’s favourite automotive TV shows. It was announced in early February 2013 that the BBC has launched a landmark second-screen app for BBC Worldwide viewers who reside outside of the UK. The application was built on the Monterosa LVis software platform, and is simply named Top Gear Bingo! It enables keen viewers of the hit TV show, starring Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond, to test their eyes and ears for well-known phrases, and certain cars and items that are associated with the programme. As they spot each one, the items and phrases get ticked off one-by-one, very much like a bingo-lover dabs their game card in an effort to be first to a full house.

The game is free to play, and is available via local BBC websites. Players around the world can also link the application to their Facebook account, allowing them to invite friends to join in the fun, and compete against each other for the highest score during the live shows. All new episodes will now feature a different version of the game to keep viewers on their toes.

A spokesperson for Monterosa says that the company’s LVis platform was specifically chosen by the TV giant for its versatility. Together, they hope that fans of the show will be able to enjoy an enhanced viewing experience, whilst the broadcaster also gets to gain extra advertising and sponsorship opportunities via a brand-new channel.

The commercial director of Top Gear, Duncan Grey, says that the app is meant to further enhance the viewers’ enjoyment of one of the BBC’s best-loved programmes, and that the Corporation is “sure that it will be well received.”

The second-screen application made its world debut on Sunday, 3rd February 2013, during the show’s 19th series, and was aired around the globe on the BBC’s Entertainment, HD, Knowledge, and American channels.

What do our readers think about Top Gear Bingo? Does it sound like a good idea to you, and if so, do you think TV would be a whole lot more enjoyable if other shows picked up on this innovative and interactive style of viewing experience?

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