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New Multi-Card Bingo App Released for iOS Users

  • 26 Jan 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altThose of you who love indulging in your favourite hobby on the move will be excited to know that a new app has just been released in the Apple iStore, which allows you to play with multiple cards. Bingo World, was launched in late November 2012 for iPads, but now, iPhone users can also enjoying playing it as of 14th January 2013. The creators of the application, Playsino, say that their mission is to be the “world’s leading free-to-play social casino game company,” which flies in the face of recent moves by 888 Holdings and the developers of Bingo Friendzy (Gamesys) to bring real-money apps to the masses, via social media platforms such as Facebook, who will benefit greatly from the income made through players. The company is also responsible for other games for Facebook, Android, and iOS, including Playsino Poker, Solitaire and Prizes, Five-O Poker, and Yalla Tarneeb (a game which is popular in the Middle East). 

Whilst Bingo World is somewhat similar to existing apps for mobiles and Facebook, due to the fact that players can use tokens to purchase game cards, and travel to several virtual locations, it also stands out for a number of reasons. Unlike many games of this type, it enables the user to play up to four cards at once (giving you more excitement, as well as more chances to win), despite the iPhone’s small screen not being particularly conducive to multi-card bingo. You can zoom in on any one card at any time, simply by tapping it – otherwise, one card is automatically displayed in the centre, with the other three shown as thumbnails at the side.

Similar to BingoBash and BingoRush by Bash Gaming (previously known as BitRhymes), the app allows players to collect and use power-ups to enable instant bingos, as well as play-money, game credits, gems, and other collectibles.

Playsino is one of the fastest-growing social casino companies in the world, and a key part of their success is that these types of games are known to have a high player retention rate (according to a report by Morgan Stanley.) The brand is the only publishing network that’s committed to helping developers acquire and monetise games on mobile platforms and Facebook.

You can download Bingo World today for your iPad or iPhone free-of-charge from the Apple iStore. If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think. Does it stand out from the crowd, or is it just another so-so application? What improvements would you like to see the developers make to give it the edge on the competition?

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