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New online bingo site Congo could go wrongo!

  • 03 Apr 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Congo BingoCongo Bingo is the latest in a very long line of bingo sites to grace the world wide web, and as these new sites seem to be coming thick and fast it really does seem all of five minutes since the last bingo site launched.  The standard of the new online bingo sites recently has been incredibly high with the likes of Tasty Bingo and Tea and Bingo launching in a short space of time as well as the relaunch of ITV Bingo, this has piled the pressure on for other new entrants to the market and this is where some might fail.  Congo Bingo might have a very difficult struggle for survival with so many top end bingo sites all vying for a limited player market.

Critical mass or a critical mess?

Bingo Hideout clearly don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but the fact is that choosing the right software and throwing money at some advertising and of course choosing the right name is the most important factor at the moment.  Bingo sites like Tasty Bingo will survive the economic crisis, but they need to do this by attracting player numbers, in other words critical mass are the keywords.   Congo Bingo have opted for the pretty average Cozy software, a pretty random name (they offer no clues as to the why they have chosen such a strange name) and obviously will not be going down the prime time advertising route, unlike some of their now very popular competitors.

White label lacks imagination?

So how can a site like Congo Bingo add value and attract those all important player numbers? Well it will be tough, the site looks pretty acceptable when players land on the home page with the jungle theme greeting new members.  The theme however does not carry on throughout the site and the bingo rooms offer no actual link to the home page theme other than the bingo site name and a stick of what looks like bamboo.  The games rooms are sadly just the same as every other site powered by Cozy Games – not that there is anything wrong with the software, it does as it says on the tin, but lets face it Cozy is never going to blow anyone’s socks off! What is slightly more attractive though are the promotions which do seem a little livelier than the usual Cozy offerings, and the £20 free no deposit bonus is not to be sniffed at.  However you don’t get anything in this life for free so don’t expect to be able to withdraw any winnings gained from playing with this £20! We wish you luck Congo Bingo, but don’t think this will help your struggle in your fight to command a substantial market share.

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