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New TV Ads for Wink and William Hill Bingo

  • 10 Nov 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altWe recently told you about the return of Robin Hood Bingo and 888Ladies (featuring funny man, Vic Reeves) to our television screens, with a series of new, eye-catching ads. Now, hot on their heels come the competition in the form of Wink and William Hill, who are obviously eager to cash in on the prime-time TV slots also. William Hill has gone for a total revamp on their usual style, and in our opinion, it‘s really impressive. Their new marketing campaign features a brand-new slogan – “Everybody Loves a Flutter” – as well as an extremely catchy theme tune – “Surfin’ Bird” by The Trashmen, which was originally released in 1963. The advert features a variety of different scenarios, where unsuspecting women are approached by a big blue and yellow dancing (and flapping) man in a bird suit. One lady is having her hair done in the hairdressing salon, another is sat at the bus stop, and the third is at home playing at William Hill on her laptop, while the birdman bounces outside her living room window on a trampoline. The ad closes with an offer of £25 free for new, depositing players, and we were still happily singing along to the tune for a good while after. It’s fun; it’s catchy, and it perfectly sums up what online bingo is all about.

Next up, is Wink Bingo with the return of their dancing dog. The brand first introduced this format back in 2009, and they’ve obviously decided to go with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. The scenario looks something like this: a woman is sitting on her sofa playing at Wink Bingo on her laptop with her trusty canine sat beside her. All of a sudden, she realises she’s won a game, and leaps to her feet, along with her fair-footed hound, and breaks into a rendition of Riverdance-style Irish dancing.

Rather than promoting their website as a whole, Wink has chosen to concentrate on the Saturday Millionaire game which plays every weekend, and gives players the chance to win a whopping £1m. The advert closes with the slogan, “How Will You Celebrate?” which certainly gives the viewer pause (or should that be paws?) for thought.

Have you seen either of these two new TV ads yet? If so, what you think of them? If you’ve missed them, and want to see what they look like, you can find them both on YouTube.



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