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New TV Crime Drama Creates Dorking Bingo Fad

  • 12 Mar 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altAccording to a local Surrey newspaper, the residents of Dorking in Surrey have been avidly glued to their television screens as they try to spot the town’s landmarks, which are appearing in a new BBC crime drama called Mayday. You might well wonder what this has to do with bingo, but there is definitely a connection we can assure you – albeit a slightly strange one… During one particular episode that aired in early March, hawk-eyed viewers spotted no less than five familiar locations, leading this new pastime to be dubbed ‘Dorking Bingo.’ A fast-food outlet in Dene Street, Wotton housing estate, a vet’s surgery in Denbies View, and three other streets were all featured in the programme. Despite the show’s crime-thriller nature, it seems as though the town’s residents are getting more distracted by their new bingo hobby than they are by the plot.

Mayday was filmed in and around Dorking in the summer of 2012, but only began airing on national TV at the beginning of March 2013.

Even the chairman of the local preservation society, Chris Heaps, has set his TV set-top box to record every single episode. He told the Get Surrey local news website that he finds it “fascinating to see so many parts” of the local area, although due to the dubious nature of some of the series’ characters, he’s somewhat grateful that the town “is not identified as being Dorking.” Mr. Heaps went on to say that he’s sure Dorking’s residents will be glued to every episode “to see what else they can recognise.”

The show is produced by Kudos Film & Television, and tells the tale of a young girl called Hattie, who mysteriously disappears on her way to a Mayday parade. Consequently, the small community of the fictional town where she lives starts pointing the finger of blame at each other, whilst looking for answers and any sign of a body. The series is written by Caroline Ip and Ben Court, who also created ITV’s Whitechapel, and is being broadcast in five parts. Fans of thrillers who miss the show when it airs needn’t miss out as it will also feature on catch-up TV.

Do you live in the Dorking area, and if so have you been partaking in a spot of TV bingo whilst watching Mayday? Perhaps you live in another UK town which has been a film or TV location, like Teachers, Holby City, and Skins which were shot in Bristol?

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