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New ways to win at live bingo

  • 19 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

Mecca Bingo

As those of you who like a game of live bingo occasionally at halls hosted by Mecca Bingo and the like may have noticed, the National Bingo Gaming Association has in the last month introduced a new game that might be latest to go national for live players.

Give us a break!

The new game is called the Bingo Break, and is part of the live industries recovery plan for the National Game. Since Gala left the National Game last year, there has been little mention of the game on any of the live bingo sites but now at last it would seem that this new game is set to challenge that departure’s impact on the live game.

Keep on playing for value for money

Offering low cost games, the Bingo Break game costs only £1 and offers players ‘five chances to win with multiple prizes on each ticket’. Tickets for this game are unique in that players can also play them as many times as they like during the session! With value for money fun like this on offer, the chances are that more people who are currently enjoying online bingo’s fun and games will be tempted to check out their local bingo hall after the summer of 2009 when the game will have gone national.

Prizes range from £5 to £1,000 and there’s even a rolling Top Prize on offer for full house wins so that soon you will be able to win just as big in the local hall as you can in the comfort of your own home. This latest game is run by a subsidiary company of the NBGA, Meeron who according to its website ‘is constantly exploring developments of core bingo playing activity and the support services/products that will improve performance and profitability for operators and deliver new thrills for players’.

Get in touch if you’ve played the new live bingo game already; we’d love to hear of our members’ experiences.

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