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New whizz kids to wow live bingo

  • 20 May 09
  • Written by admin

Gala Bingo

More good news this week for the troubled live bingo industry, and this time it comes all the way from Madrid. In fact the future of our live bingo experience has been in development in Spain for some time now, but in the light of last weeks Gambling Commissions acceptance of new equipment which will update the gaming experience, a new tour de force has been set up in the UK under the name of World Bingo Tech Ltd and is set to hit change the way we play forever!

Touch the screen for more fun

Having worked alongside Spain’s industry giant Metronia, brothers Jimmy and Simon Thomas has now successfully presented the case for new bingo terminals which play out stand alone games on a touch screen terminal and is now set to send them out across the UK’s six hundred halls. Speaking of the state of the industry at the moment, to InterGame, Simon Thomas had this to say, “Bingo is still a great product, a great game, but it needs to modernise. In Spain they have introduced the modern bingo concepts and the decline there has not only been arrested but new clubs are opening and profits are increasing”.

Fair and open for sure

Having approval from the UK’s Gambling Commission behind them is sure to give these inventive brothers the weight they need behind their idea as the purpose of the Commission is to work towards ‘Ensuring gambling is conducted fairly and openly’. It also offers ‘independent advice to Government on gambling in Britain’ meaning that the new machines are in the interests of the players as well as the halls which have installed them.

New ways round old problems

These new stand alone machines are the latest technology to hit the bingo hall after the suggested E-cigarettes, and the introduction of high tech smoking shelters such as that trialled at Gala Bingo‘s Fenton hall in Staffordshire. As part of our campaign of support for the revival of live bingo, we at the Hideout welcome all technologies that enable the industry to get back on its feet and hope that having these new innovations in place means that new players will join in place of the old.

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