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New Year Tombola Bingo winners list just keeps growing

  • 17 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tombola BingoFor four Tombola Bingo players the start of 2010 has been an absolutely brilliant one, as each lucky bingo player has become a big Cinco jackpot winner.  The big wins started last weekend when three Tombola bingo players managed to scoop Cinco jackpot wins on the same day.  The first Tombola members to win incredible £20,000 jackpots were a player from Essex called ‘Sezzzzz’ and another from Leeds called ‘ola tombola’ – which is a pretty appropriate name.  The last of the big winners that day was ‘tad01’ from Caernarfon whose £5,000 win was not quite so impressive, but none the less still a very attractive sum.

Cinco winner no.4 scoops £20k

Whether the three previous lucky online bingo winners were the reason why ‘tanurass’ decided to play Cinco last week we don’t know, but the decision to play at Tombola Bingo in the Casablanca room was certainly fortuitous as tanurass was another winner who scored a massive jackpot win of £20,000. Cinco seems to be not only one of the most popular games at Tombola Bingo but also seems to be the one that pays out on a regular basis.

Stacks of big Tombola Bingo winners

Not that the other games at the Tombola online bingo site haven’t had their fair share of big winners recently.  Just prior to the New Year celebrations a bingo 90 player ‘xlazydaisyx’ scooped an absolutely astounding jackpot of £20,929.  Other notable Tombola winners are two bingo roulette players who each won £10,000, the first ‘elaine17’ had her big win just before the New Year celebrations started the second ‘bird1072’ has hers right at the beginning of 2010, making this a year to remember.  All in all its has been a fantastic few weeks at Tombola and proves that big wins are most certainly possible at one of the best bingo sites online.


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