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Newbie scoops life-changing prize at Mecca

  • 26 Nov 08
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Big win at Mecca bingo onlineAn amazing week for Mecca Bingo online!

With the unbelievably huge Mega Ball jackpot of £75,587.73 having been given away to newbie Beverleyt, you'd think that the site would want to collect itself before launching its next uk bingo promo, but this grand dame of bingo online hasn't even thought about stopping to catch its breath before launching its latest huge promotion, the Golden Ticket.

Another amazing Mecca win

Beverleyt the lucky winner of the Mega Ball game got a full house in less than 33 calls, in a game that has changed her life. Beverleyt said of her win that she found it pretty hard to take in at first as she had only been playing online bingo at Mecca Bingo for a week.

She also said that she had only joined the site as she didn't want to go to their live hall that night, as it was too cold outside. We at the Hideout reckon Beverleyt is happy it's winter now and is probably off to seek out the sun somewhere else soon.

Onwards and upwards

The Golden Ticket game is open to all players who have deposited at least £10 at their bingo site and once you have your Golden Ticket, the game allows you to log in and check the numbers called in all the Golden Ticket game including past games.

This game is a superb way for all players to get in on the fun because it's one ticket per player. Everyone – no matter how much they play – can win. This promo offers £13,000 in prizes and you can win cash by calling lines as well as full house on your Golden Ticket.

The first prize of £1,000 has already been won for one line, so generate your Ticket soon and try for the two line prize of £2,000 or better still win  £10,000 with a full house on yours.


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