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Norwich Mecca Bingo hall robber jailed for 4 years

  • 07 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoA would-be robber of the Mecca Bingo hall in Norwich has been jailed for his part in the crime for four years.  The guilty man, 25 year old Craig Stephenson from Tottenham in North London travelled with an accomplice to Norwich with the express intention of robbing the Mecca Bingo hall.  However the Mecca Bingo hall robbery was thwarted when a brave Mecca Bingo staff member, Lee Marrison intervened. It is still not known whether the guilty man was the actual robber who entered the Mecca Bingo hall or the getaway motorcycle rider who waited outside the building.

Evidence identified Stephenson as being involved

The knife wielding robber wore a balaclava at the time so the witnesses to the crime could not give a description, however there was enough circumstantial evidence to prove that Stephenson was actively involved in the Mecca Bingo robbery.  The knife used to threaten the staff was left at the scene and had DNA on it that was matched to Stephenson.  When police found Stephenson at a house in Lakenham they also discovered a knife block in the kitchen with one knife missing, the knives in the block matched the one left at the Norwich Mecca Bingo hall.  There was also a motorcycle crash helmet found at the house which was the one worn by one of the robbers and the motorbike used in the getaway was located nearby to the house.  The identity of Stephenson’s accomplice remains unknown.

Sleepless nights for the victim

Bingo Hideout readers will remember our story regarding the Norwich Mecca Bingo hall robbery back in July last year.  The robbery was a particularly violent and traumatic one for the victims.  One lady in particular who has been left traumatised by the events was dragged through the Mecca Bingo hall with a knife held to her neck.  Sadly the poor victim still suffers from flashbacks which wake her in the night.


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