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Online bingo and charity: everyone’s a winner

  • 20 Jan 08
  • Written by admin

Online bingo and charity - everyone's a winnerFor years bingo has been  associated with fundraising in local halls and weekly meetings in bingo halls, but now that online bingo is proving increasingly popular how is this relationship continuing and does it go as far to help those in need?

Sly or Wry?

Often cited as a counter to the charge that any form of gambling is bad (specifically from religious groups) playing to raise money for charity can be read by cynics as being little more than a ploy by the gaming industry to get around these difficult issues, but charity bingo can also be a valuable means of fundraising for deprived individuals.

Who’s giving what?

With the launch of the latest and biggest charity drive in the world of online bingo, Big Heart Bingo, other more established sites introducing charity evenings. Bingohideout have been investigating how donations are made and how charities really can benefit from online bingo games as well as from casino and slot funds.

What’s out there?

Bingohideout have looked around and can’t find a more generous evening than the monthly charity game over at Foxy, where no matter how much you spend in Katie’s Charity Room, Foxy will match a grand 50% of all bingo cards purchased to two charities chosen by Jordan herself.

BingoFriends also have a Tuesday night charity game, where money is donated from every ticket bought. A monthly charity is chosen to raise funds for and the results are printed in the newsletter for members to see making the site look good, the players feel great and the charities benefit. Betfred have a monthly charity night where 5p of every ticket bought is contributed to their charity of the month. Part of their regualar bingo schedule, it seems that more and more sites are catching on to the idea of ‘sharing the love’.

How much can make a difference?

With everyone getting something from charity bingo – whether it’s more regular players, a knowledge that their money is going further or direct help for a cause – it would seem that if people want to chose to “play to give” they have to choose their games as well as their causes carefully, taking a broad overview of what’s out there. Or they can simply subscribe to Big Heart Bingo. It is quite possible with a relatively small investment in any of the games mentioned to raise hundreds of pounds in a year, making charity and bingo the perfect partnership.

Bingohideout are of course very interested in our members thoughts on the issue of charity and the game. If you have ever won a charity game, did you feel even better about yourself knowing others had also hit the jackpot? Join in our forum to let us know what you think or simply email us to share your thoughts or stories.

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