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Online bingo fans can play BS Bingo at boring meetings

  • 06 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo Apple App'sIf you are a complete bingo nut and you also have an iPhone or iPod then you may be interested to know that there are over 80 app’s available at the apple iTunes store that are listed under the category of bingo.  Obviously playing bingo at your local hall or having the opportunity to play online bingo practically 24/7 365 days a year is all well and good, but how is a person supposed to cope with not getting their daily dose of their favourite game when at work or at a business meeting or conference? The answer has to be having an iPhone or iPod app that will allow you ‘legitimately’ to play bingo no matter where you are.

One of our particular favourites here in the office, which is ideal for those boring long winded meetings is an app called BS Bingo, this bingo game will generate a bingo card full of terminologies that could be used in corporate meetings such as cutting edge, next generation , dot com.  To play the BS Bingo game players just need to listen out for the terminologies in the meeting and mark them off the app bingo card, bosses will be unaware of the bingo game in progress thinking that players are busy taking notes on their smartphone, a bingo win is obtained by the standard one line, two line or full house.  Get a group of colleagues playing to increase the fun and have a secret word that you can shout out in the meeting possibly in the form of a question to the speaker to let colleagues know that you have scored a bingo win.  This bingo app game will certainly add a more exciting dimension to those boring meetings and will certainly fill the void between the more traditional bingo games.

There are lots of other app’s at the Apple iTunes store some are free bingo games and others have a small charge, but all will allow the bingo game to be played in some pretty obscure places from Grocery Bingo, to WTF Bingo which will allow the iPhone or iPod app to generate bingo cards for specific locations such as the airport or sports match. There is also an app called CS bingo which is based on a game of bingo which is popular in a bar in the States.  This particular bingo game in its pure form requires a chicken and a numbered grid on the floor, the chicken is released and will poop on the numbers and by doing what comes naturally on the grid replaces the more traditional bingo caller.  Bingo Hideout have covered this particular form of bingo in a previous article, but we didn’t think for one minute that there would be an app for the Apple iPod and iPhone that could bring all the quirky fun of this weird US bingo game to the door of UK bingo fans.

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