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Online Bingo meets Twitter and gives birth to TwitterINGO!

  • 02 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

TwitterINGOThe humble bingo game can be enjoyed in many forms, from the traditional bingo hall, the seaside electronic bingo booth, cow pat or chicken sh*t bingo in the States, online bingo and now TwitterINGO. This strange amalgamation of the online bingo game and the social networking site of Twitter have been brought by Definition 6, a marketing and eCommerce company based in the States.

Tweet-tweet, online bingo winners get a badge!

The new TwitterINGO game is  played in a similar fashion as a traditional online bingo game but the numbers are replaced with 25 keyword ‘tweets’, the bingo boards are updated each time that the bingo player receives a tweet with a matching keyword.  The bingo game has been hailed as the first game specifically designed for Twitter. A game is won when the first person playing the bingo game obtains a match of five keywords either across, down or diagonal with the lucky winner receiving special badge on Twitter that says ‘I won TwitterINGO’. The online bingo game TwitterINGO is probably nothing more than advertising for Definition 6 but it does highlight just how popular that online bingo games are and how versatile the game of bingo is.  Bingo is a simple yet exciting game and can bridge the gap between generations, cultures and pre-conceived class barriers.

Apple had Stevenote Bingo

Recently at a press conference to announce the newest version of the iPhone, the mobile phone industry wags created ‘Stevenote Bingo’, this bingo game featured all the usual or anticipated statements that Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and CEO might say in his long awaited keynote announcement (Steve Jobs has a reputation for making long and some might say boring speeches). Players of the Stevenote bingo game could then while away the time at the press conference by marking off their bingo cards which featured statements such as ‘Great Stuff’, ‘iTunes Genius’ or ‘MobileMe is fixed’ in place of the usual bingo numbers.

Another unusual twist on the bingo game is the ‘wedding gift’ bingo game which is often played across the pond.  This bingo game features traditional wedding gifts on the bingo card in place of numbers and bingo players would mark off the gifts on their cards as they are opened by the bride and groom, another variation on this theme is ‘Baby Shower Bingo’.  All this goes to show that bingo is part of everyday life and also part of modern international culture and is deserved of its place in our hearts as our favourite game, bingo in all its forms is here to stay – whether playing online bingo, bingo games in a traditional bingo hall or playing one of the more obscure version of the bingo game highlighted above …..Enjoy!

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