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Online bingo player steals £12k from employer

  • 10 Oct 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

Online bingo has again been blamed for an individual’s decision to steal to fund playing.  Kelly Dunn from Middleton, Greater Manchester has been found guilty of stealing £12,000 from her employer to fund her excessive online bingo gaming habit.  The guilty woman received a suspended 8 month prison sentence and was instructed by the court to carry out unpaid work for 150 hours as punishment.

The 36 year old woman was employed by high street chain, The Card Factory when she stole the cash.  The £12,000 was takings from the store which as Manager, Dunn was meant to pay into the bank on the store’s behalf. However the money never reached the bank as Dunn used the cash to play online bingo in the hope that she would win.

Dunn had previously had a big jackpot online bingo win which had given her a distorted view on how easy it is to win.  Rather than stop when she hit an unlucky streak the troubled woman carried on until she had no available cash, this then caused her to resort to theft.

The guilty woman has suffered not only the loss of her job since the theft, but also the breakdown of her marriage. Maurice Green when passing sentence stated that he felt Dunn was a person of ‘good character’ but was not able to control her desire to gamble even when she couldn’t afford it.  To her credit, Dunn admitted the theft immediately that the theft was discovered by her former employer.  The company has had £2000 of their stolen cash paid back, this was taken from the final salary that was due to Dunn after her dismissal; however there remains £10,000 still owed to the woman’s former employer.

This very sad story highlights the need to set suitable limits at the online bingo sites that players visit.  This will restrict the availability to play when funds are exhausted and most reputable sites have such a facility available to players.  If you are visiting a new site and you don’t see such an option then maybe you should reconsider where you play.

We suggest that any online bingo players who feel that their gambling is getting out of control or family members who are worried about a loved one, contact support services such as GamCare.  Players who are worried can visit our ‘Responsible Gaming’ section (found at the foot of the page), to find details and links to all of the most well regarded organisations that provide useful support and information to problem gamblers.

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