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Online Bingo Players in North need some more luck?

  • 14 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo Hideout SurveyWe know you have all by now probably seen our fantastic online bingo survey, however there are some further interesting facts that have been revealed by the survey, which we thought you might also like to know.  After a closer look at the results we can reveal that although online bingo players in Scotland and the North of England represent the highest proportion of online bingo players and are also the highest spenders on their regular online bingo games, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more likely to win the really big online bingo jackpot prizes.  In fact statistically online bingo players who are registered outside the UK, are it appears more likely to win a really big jackpot prize than those online bingo players resident in the UK.

Are you one of the lucky winners in the UK?

The online bingo players questioned in our survey who are outside of the UK have registered 16% of the big jackpot wins of in excess of £5,000 and 50% of the online bingo players in the North and Scotland have managed to win the bigger jackpot prizes of £5,000+. On first impressions this would seem that Scotland and the North are the most likely to win big, however if we look at the statics for the location of the players it shows that far in excess of 50% of the players are from the North and Scotland and only 11.9% of players are located outside of the UK, which statistically shows that the players who are registered outside of the UK seem to be statistically more likely to win.

I didn’t come here for a history lesson!

Of course statistics are tricky and Benjamin Disraeli (19th century British Prime Minister) is famously quoted as saying “lies, damned lies and statistics”, a saying that has now become a much used phrase around the world for those that wish to challenge a proposition made by statistics. After all if statistics could be wholly relied upon as being 100% correct then Jesus would have been betrayed by 8.3% of his disciples, which clearly he wasn’t, with just Judas being the guilty party! So don’t be put off playing your usual online bingo games as these results are representative of a small section of the online bingo playing world and of course far different results could be achieved with a different sample.  So whether you are a Foxy Bingo, Wink Bingo or Tombola fan play your online bingo games, after all you could become one of the statistic results and be that big winner!

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