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Online bingo site Foxy Bingo, on a TV near you?

  • 03 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoAre we all going to be settling down to watch Foxy Bingo TV one day in the future?  Who knows, but if a report that has been published today on the Gambling Compliance website is true then it could possible be the case that one day we might well have Foxy Bingo or another of the Cashcade brands featuring in the TV schedules.  Simon Collins the head of marketing for Cashcade and the man behind Foxy Bingo was quoted in the article for the Gambling Compliance website, that Foxy Bingo’s parent company Cashcade were exploring the possibility of a Sky or Freeview channel programme or  a terrestrial slot under the new teleshopping regulations.

The new regulations for teleshopping channels came into force in May and allow gambling programmes after 12.00 midnight to be screened  on terrestrial television channels such as ITV and Channel Five.  The article also goes on to say that the two channels mentioned above are considering a magazine format that will provide bingo and gambling content to the late night viewers. It has been suggested that Foxy Bingo or any of the other Cashcade brands would be a good fit for this format though there may well be other interested gaming or bingo companies that would equally fare well.

Bingo Night Live failure doesn’t have to spell disaster

The last bingo gaming programme on television Bingo Night Live, was taken off the air as they did not see a good return on investment, and PartyGaming who were behind the Bingo Night Live concept felt that they were in fact acting as an advertising forum for other online bingo sites as well as their own and so the plug was pulled on the costly venture.

Foxy Bingo of course is an extremely well established well known brand and should Foxy be the face of a bingo programme on a television channel it would undoubtedly be a huge success because of the huge following that the online bingo site already has. There is always a factor that the Party Gaming programme opened the door for the acceptance of a bingo game on television and so any future entrants might well find they would not need to educate the audience on the whole concept of online bingo, certainly if any one can do it Foxy can!


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