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Online bingo site says ‘Hola Tombola’ to new bingo island

  • 23 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tombola BingoClearly the Advertising Standards Authority has a lot to answer for, as without their ruling on Tombola Bingo television adverts in April of this year we wouldn’t now be faced with the online bingo site’s attempt to conform to what they perceive to be a ‘safe advert’. The new TV advertising campaign for Tombola Bingo shows that the online bingo site is now so worried about having adverts banned that they have decided to err on the side of safety and have done away with anything that might be construed as either exciting or fun.

Where has the Tombola Bingo individuality and personality gone?

Tombola TV adverts were certainly a joy to behold and also to hear, previously the Tombola Bingo TV adverts had all the excitement of a Brazilian carnival and were given a further lift by the suitably exciting music which complimented the superb animations. The ridiculous decision to ban the previously exciting Tombola Bingo’s TV adverts – which we reported on in April – for being too attractive to minors has now created a situation where this thrilling online bingo site is now so restricted, that they have resorted to something that would be almost repellent to children, but in doing so has certainly lost all the star quality that it once had.    It would seem that the only site out there that has managed to escape without feeling the heavy hand of the ASA is Foxy Bingo, strangely Foxy – who could be considered by some to be attractive to children, as well as the Meerkat on the insurance adverts – seems to have used his obvious charm to escape being ‘hunted down’

Hola Tombola Island, means sadly adios to Tombola World

The new adverts are themed around the bingo site’s fictitious holiday destination of ‘Tombola Island’.  A middle aged man who we imagine to be the bingo caller describes the awaiting ‘excitement’ for the new arrivals to the Tombola Bingo Island, the new members are given piggy backs by Tombola Staff from the speed boat that they arrived, on to the shore.  A worker who is in charge of keeping a tally of the number of new arrivals looks frustrated as he paints over the number of the Tombola Bingo Islands current population of 155,941 on a large sign, this is so that he can amend to take into account the number of new arrivals. The new Tombola Bingo Island arrivals are whisked away in five Blue and white Suzuki Vitara’s en route to their final destination, and whilst the group travel through the islands lush countryside, images of the games on offer such as Cinco are displayed in the undergrowth, all the while the ‘bingo caller’ recounting details of the games that are on offer on the Tombola island. The final scene sees the caller welcoming the new arrivals to the garden where the names of all the games are up in lights, saying ‘Hola (hello in Spanish) Tombola’, with the words ‘Britain’s favourite bingo destination’ at the bottom of the screen. The music all the while is reminiscent of the Pacific Islands.

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