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Out of bed and straight online

  • 18 Feb 09
  • Written by admin


If you’re one of the desperate wives looking for ways to re-light your fire of love that we often see depicted in many an online bingo ad, and you’re looking to get some extra cheeky evening entertainment, a game of internet bingo could be exactly what you need. Whether you have someone foxy in your life already or not, there are plenty of ways to play bingo games online and thousands more players are joining up all the time.

Many ways to play

In fact, what ever your dream to spend a jackpot on, there’s a site that can give you daily thrills as well as make you new bingo friends. Online bingo has proved itself to be hugely popular since it came online in 2006 and recently it has even defied the recession by having players sign up by their hundreds every month. Whether you’re feeling the pinch yourself and are missing your social life, choosing to play UK bingo means you can tip a wink to the roomies playing at the site of your choice and share gossip, fun and laughs. It is the chance to chat to others that has given this game the edge over other online games and what brings players back time and again.

Better than sex?

Whether you’re a bingo virgin or not, it has been suggested in a survey by Intel that 48% of women would rather go online than go to bed! If that doesn’t prove why so many women are having fun till the early hours, I’ll eat my hat.

However you want to play whether in the wee small hours or not, all sites work 24 hours and each responds to the needs of different players. For example, there are sites which are entirely community based such as Game Village Bingo and others which will award you loyalty points for continuous play such as at 888 Ladies. Collecting these points means you can pick up extra prizes on the way to your first jackpot and with sites such as Gala Bingo giving away huge amounts of cash every month, that shouldn’t be too long. So if you ever find yourself bored, think bingo and explore the new interactive world of one of our great nation’s favourite past time.

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