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£7m spent in television advertising for online bingo in 2008

  • 13 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

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Recent articles on sites such as Which Bingo and Perfect Storm are reporting that online bingo sites are spending millions of pounds on television advertising and that this trend is set to continue as the growth of online bingo gathers further momentum.

Neilsen Media Research conducted research into television advertising expenditure in respect of online bingo sites and found that in 2008 there was a total spend of in excess of £7million. Admittedly this huge expenditure was the result of the major players in the bingo industry advertising on television, with Foxy Bingo topping the chart in gross television advertising budget. Foxy Bingo is estimated to have spent two and a quarter million on their very dominant and memorable television advertising campaign in the last financial year. Next biggest spender was Tombola Bingo with their fateful television advertising campaign, which resulted unfortunately in two adverts being banned by the ASA.

The Tombola advertising, though now unfortunately not allowed to be shown was highly successful with the public, with the ASA saga only adding to the exposure that the company had already experienced from the two banned adverts – as they say in the business all press is good press!

The emphasis in the report conducted by Neilsen Media Research, certainly gives the impression that for the amount of expenditure on television advertising that the online bingo industry must be doing very well indeed. This of course is supported by financial figures released by the big names in the industry, showing that player numbers are up, annual spend is up and prize winners are also on the increase.

In the current financial crisis the fact that the online bingo industry is doing so well is quite remarkable, however there is a strong belief that ‘staying in is the new going out and so online bingo can only benefit further from people enjoying quiet nights in to save cash.

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