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Parlay vous le bingo lingo?

  • 11 Oct 08
  • Written by admin

Parlay international bingoAs we reported after the third online bingo summit, Parlay has been looking to expand their online bingo platform to a wider and international audience. With their new platform Parlay 5 incorporating translation facilities across bilingual environments and greater interactivity from all players, Parlay have announced the first application of this ground breaking bingo game software is to be in Italy.

Parlay is teaming up with Microgame to create the first online bingo network for the Italian audience. Creating the country’s first foray into internet bingo means that Parlay’s standing in the international bingo community will be unprecedented and this opportunity will be watched avidly by the rest of the big bingo players to see how the game takes off in this new territory.

The projected launch date of early 2009 does depend entirely on Italian law having been adjusted to accommodate online bingo into its list of regulated games but Microgame’s research projects that these dates will happily coincide.

Parlay is also hoping to launch a second network in 2009 though they have declined to state exactly where. Experts suggest the likely site for this second network is Malta where an established online bingo base already attracts many international players. Parlay have of course become the leading light and developer of internet bingo over the last ten years, and Scott White the CEO of Parlay has said of these future developments, “We have been and will continue to be committed to the growth of bingo in new regulated marketplaces, particularly in Europe”.

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