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Pensioner aged 78 mugged of bingo winnings in Cardiff

  • 25 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo player muggedBingo Hideout team are disgusted that a 78 year old bingo player who had just won £80 was mugged on her way home after playing at her local bingo club in Cardiff on Sunday night.  The two heartless attackers believed to be in their  20’s, pushed the elderly woman to the floor and stole her handbag as she hurried to catch her bus home.  The grandmother Phyllis May Barry believed the two men both dressed in dark clothes were also running for the bus, however shortly afterwards their intentions were clearly evident after they ran  away leaving the elderly lady shaken and minus her valuables.

The evil thieves stole the lady’s bingo winnings, a further £70 cash that was in her purse, glasses, treasured family photographs, house keys and her bus pass. Mrs Barry has been left shocked and a little battered after her horrible experience, and is quoted on a local news site Wales Online as saying “Nothing like this has ever happened to me before; it was quite scary.”

Playing bingo for a quarter of a century

Mrs Barry, a grandmother to five, has been a regular player at the bingo club at her local British Legion in Rumney for the past 25 years, and in all that time she has never had any problems.  Mrs Barry doesn’t believe that there is any connection between her small windfall at the bingo hall and the subsequent assault, she believes that the attack was purely opportunistic; however her son Brian is not so sure.  He feels that there is a possibility that someone was aware of her good fortune and decided to attack her because of the bingo win.

The local police are investigating the incident which they describe as ‘a serious, horrendous crime against an elderly, vulnerable female’.  They are appealing for witnesses to come forward with any information that they might have, and at time of writing the South Wales Police had arrested two individuals on suspicion of being involved.

We would love Bingo Hideout readers to leave any messages for Mrs Barry here which we will be happy to forward on to the brave lady.

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