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Pitsea bingo players offered bingo after Gala Bingo club closure

  • 05 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoThere is a little bit of good news for all the disappointed Gala Bingo club members  after the shock decision by Gala Bingo Club HQ to close the popular bingo club down in July.  A local social club is reminding local bingo players that they still offer bingo twice a week so that all the regulars who normally go to the local Gala Bingo club can still have their weekly bit of bingo fun. Mr Peter Feltham is the secretary of the Bowers Sport and Social Club and has been reported as saying that although the news of the Gala Bingo club closure is sad for the players and the staff who will lose their jobs, he is hopeful that it will mean that a lot of the Gala Bingo club players will now return to the Social club.

Gala Bingo’s loss could be Bowers Social Club gain!

Mr Feltham also said in a report published in the local Echo News that they lost many of their regular bingo players when the Gala Bingo club opened.  Mr Feltham is therefore feeling encouraged that the members of the Gala Club will now return to play their favourite bingo games to the Bowers Sport and Social Club and because the club doesn’t make a profit from any of the bingo games that are played that the players will experience a better jackpot prize, though he did also say that they need lots of players to attend so that they can offer much bigger jackpots.  So it would appear that the fate of local bingo games are in the hands of the bingo players themselves, they will need to ensure that they support the local social club which in turn will hopefully see everyone enjoying the benefits.

Gala Bingo clubs to close in other areas

Gala Bingo have been suffering due to the current economic crisis, dwindling bingo hall player numbers, the smoking ban, changes to slot machine legislation and heavy taxation.  The recently announced closure of the Pitsea Gala bingo hall is part of a whole raft of bingo hall closures and job cuts that the group announced.  As recently reported in an article in the telegraph Pitsea Gala Bingo hall will close along with Aldridge, Leven, Port Glasgow and Hull St Stephens.


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