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Player poses as a Mecca Bingo winner to steal prize

  • 17 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoA player at a Mecca Bingo hall in Southport has stolen the jackpot bingo win of another player.  The £500 jackpot prize was collected by a woman claiming to be a close friend of the bingo winner, then once the thief had the money she managed to escape out of the Mecca Bingo hall without being stopped.  This particularly nasty crime is certainly one that most bingo players would never consider carrying out, there is a respect that most people have for each other, and  honesty and integrity is always one of the biggest qualities of bingo players in our experience.  However as is the case with human nature there is always one or two bad apples to spoil an otherwise superb bunch.

Community spirit still alive amongst most bingo players

Bingo players up and down the country help each other out, whether it be a lift to the local Mecca bingo or Gala Bingo hall, paying for an evenings bingo for a friend in need or being a sounding board for problems, the community spirit in bingo halls up and down the country is generally thriving.  That is why when we hear of news like this it hits home rather hard, we all find it difficult to understand that amongst us there may be the odd one or two bingo players who are not quite as the rest of us are.

Police investigating

Luckily for the disappointed player who later went to claim her bingo prize the Mecca Bingo hall on Garrick Parade decided to pay her the £500 prize money as a gesture of goodwill.  The police have been contacted and are carrying out investigations, including talking to the local community and studying CCTV images.  The player left the Mecca Bingo hall at around 9.00pm on Sunday evening so if anyone has any information regarding this despicable crime they should report it to the local police.

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