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Player retention is key for online bingo success

  • 29 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Burgeoning bingo marketBingo Hideout thought looking at the problems faced by bingo sites in respect of player retention would be an interesting subject to investigate, certainly in light of what is a very competitive and rapidly growing online bingo industry.  Bulldog Bingo has just launched in what is a busy year for new online bingo sites, certainly the release of new online bingo sites this year fair takes your breath away.  It makes competition for attracting the available bingo players to sites pretty stiff with so many new entrants to an already flooded bingo market.  Established and well known bingo sites must be a little concerned that their player numbers will drop with so many new bingo sites like Bulldog Bingo launching.  Should they be concerned? Well in our opinion not quite as concerned as the new entrants to the market, having an established and loyal bingo player base is what has kept them going and discerning players will always have an eye on a game of bargain bingo but will still remain loyal to a good site that has always provided a good service – so keeping the bingo player happy is imperative to player retention.

Big established online bingo sites like Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo must always remember the golden rule that keeping an online bingo player returning to your site is easier than attracting a new one, so these really are the bingo players that need to be catered for first and foremost and then attracting new players will come quite naturally from referrals and reputation. For new sites like Bulldog Bingo they do have the problem of attracting new players and although Bulldog Bingo is part of a network this may not be enough to get their new site quickly recognised and populated.

To really get ahead of the crowd it is vital for new sites to offer something outside of the ordinary online bingo box, a good example of this is the newly launched Bingon.com which has added social networking to its online bingo product. Another excellent example of bringing something new and exciting to the market is Cheeky Bingo, Cheeky managed to tap into the desire of the bingo player for free and cheap bingo games and ran with the idea. Frankly knocking spots of the older more established bingo brands on the way, Cheeky Bingo realised that in a market that is flooded with competition and with a gloomy economic climate that offering something cheap as chips and of course free bingo but with decent jackpots is the key to the modern online bingo players heart.  Sadly for Bulldog Bingo this option of adding extra value to their bingo product has not been tapped into, Bulldog Bingo offers nothing outside of the ordinary and in such a competitive market, what they are offering may not be enough!

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