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Playing online bingo at home, the new ‘going out’

  • 30 Oct 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altA recent article published on Reuters indicates that as the recession bites and many high street retailers suffer huge dips in revenue, that there are still some big winners… and online bingo and gambling sites seems to be one area that is bucking the current trends.

The William Hill Bingo parent is just one of the online gambling organisations that are reporting an increase in revenues with a 28% increase on previous figures.  At the same time as Will Hill is seeing an increase in trading for their online operations, their portfolio of high street bookmakers have reported a dip in figures.  The visitors to the bookmakers are still remaining pretty constant, however the average spend per player is reportedly less, with the betting community choosing to restrict their spend rather than go without their usual trip to the bookies.

The article also goes on to mention that online bingo is not the only beneficiary for changes to the behaviour of the public during the recession.  Other areas which are seeing an increase in revenues are supermarkets and Sky and cable TV service providers.  It would seem from the Reuters report that the public play their online bingo and gambling games, watch  TV and are choosing to eat at home rather than go out for the evening.  This theory in regards to an increase in gambling at home is supported by new statistics published by the UK Gambling Commission.  

The release of the new figures by the UK Gambling Commission has prompted the Minister of Tourism and Heritage, John Penrose to issue a warning that the Government intends to get tougher with gambling organisations.  The Government wants to protect vulnerable players who are likely to suffer from gambling addiction by issuing stringent new regulatory measures.  These new measures will help to protect players in the UK who may be targeted by unscrupulous online gambling sites.  

The Government is also concerned that the new wave of smartphone gambling apps will also assist the problem gambler to have almost continual access to online gambling, allowing them to hide their activity from family members.  The new rules on licensing will ensure that overseas operators are providing services to the public to the same strict standards and the same requirements as those based in the UK. There is no news when new rules will come into force, however it is certainly something that is a priority for the Government.


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