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Playing online bingo will hide your bingo wings Madonna

  • 15 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

MadonnaIf you online bingo ladies out there want to feel better about your bingo wings then take heart even Madonna has fallen ‘fowl’ of the chicken skin curse and is currently sporting some pretty impressive bingo wings of her own.  It just goes to show that it makes no difference if you are sporty and a keep fit fanatic or a lady who like nothing better than having an exercise regime that mostly includes playing online bingo or picking up the TV remote control , bingo wings are just something you can’t do anything about. Bingo wings are the bane of most women of a certain age and Madonna is a clearly a classic point in fact.

Keep fit or Keep fat – it wont stop bingo wings!

The Mail is currently running an article with some pretty cruel pictures of Madonna waving her bingo wings in the air to fans in Milan, making us all …. Well, it has to be said feel a little bit better about our own bingo wings. Madonna now fifty years old and still a complete gym fanatic has worked hard to keep the tell-tale signs of age at bay but bingo wings – well they clearly have a mind of their own. The article goes on to say that there are rumours that Madonna has had cheek implants to try to maintain her youthful appearance, which is rather sad that someone who has so much talent is trying so hard to recapture her lost youth.

It is a fact that old age will knock on the door of everyone at some stage (well those that are lucky enough to reach that time in their lives) and the pressure being put on women in the public eye to be forever young  is really quite sad.  Bingo wings, wrinkles, sagging chins are all part of the aging process.  We don’t have to give in to old age completely so no need to stop using your hair colourant to stop the few greys showing, or some lotion or potion to make the lines less visible, but why not appreciate the age you have reached and not resort to drastic surgery.

This season’s must have – bingo wings as seen on Madonna!

Of course you could go down the hide away completely route just playing internet bingo all day and never leaving the house, but we think that a little drastic.  Some careful dressing, short sleeve cardigans are a boon, highlighting the areas that you want to be noticed rather than those that you don’t – so possible if you have a good neckline a big chunky necklace to draw attention to your neck rather than your bingo wings.  A big splash of confident attitude too will work wonders, after all ladies appreciate your bingo wings and just thank the lord that they are your little secret and not splashed across the tabloids today, unlike Madonna’s.  Of course if Madonna is sporting bingo wings then maybe they are this season’s must have – Yay! thank the lord again!

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