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Police on Lookout for Mecca Bingo Charity Thieves

  • 11 Apr 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altThis isn’t the first story of this ilk, nor will it be the last, but once again thieves are being hunted after stealing charity collection boxes in the Paisley area. Two criminals are said to have callously stolen collection boxes from the Mecca Bingo Hall in Saucel Crescent, Paisley, which contained funds donated to the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.

The two heartless thieves have been lambasted as ‘the lowest of the low’ by the bingo hall manager as the money was due to go to the well-known cancer charity. Bosses at the bingo hall have now accepted they will need to chain down their charity boxes in future, to avoid repeat offences by the same or copycat criminals. The club manager, Grant Munro, spoke to the local press and told them his exact thoughts on the matter, describing the crime as ‘appalling’. He went on to explain how the thieves ran into the bingo hall foyer and stole the charity collection tins and he also highlighted how it was common practice for their customers to donate their loose change to the charity and therefore quite a lot may have built up. He also added that he knew all their customers would be disappointed and appalled by the theft.

The Mecca Bingo Hall was fortunately fully equipped with CCTV facilities allowing the police to take a good look at the tapes and see if they can get any closer to ascertaining who the two thieves were. They are also concerned that the thieves may have also attacked an elderly gentleman earlier on the same day. The gentleman in question had been outside the Farmfoods shop in Causeyside Street counting his money, when two men ran up to him, snatching his cash and leaving him £120 worse off. The gentleman is said to be shaken but not physically injured by the attack. The proximity of the two crimes has not been overlooked by the police in the area.

Speaking to the local newspaper, Inspector Eddie Gray stated that both crimes were still being investigated and although they’re not treating them as linked at present, they are keeping in mind the fact that they took place within a few hours of each other, with the gentleman being attacked at 1pm and the Mecca Bingo hall being robbed at 3.30pm and also their close proximity. CCTV is also available of the attack on the gentleman in the street so officers do have a great deal of footage to work with meaning if there is a link, they can be sure to find it.

The police are actively looking for the thieves and are keen for anyone who may have any information to contact Crimestoppers.


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