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Police Probe Gala Bingo Club for Missing Money

  • 06 Aug 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altA Gala Bingo hall in the Possipark area of Glasgow in Scotland is currently under investigation after it was discovered that a considerably large amount of money could not be accounted for. The Possipark branch of one of the UK’s largest bingo operators in Hawthorn Street is just one of five Gala clubs in Glasgow, which a local newspaper recently reported is being investigated for “financial irregularities” after around £80,000 of unclaimed prize money could not be located.

The club runs gaming sessions seven days a week with the cost ranging from £5 on weekdays up to £15 at the weekends. Many of the club’s members are said to be shocked at the recent reports, such as one 78-year-old pensioner who regularly attends the club with friends. The woman, who asked not to be named, says that members “put trust in everyone there,” and that even though she’s come to know the same faces over the years “the report does put me off from going.” Another 81-year old club member says she’d heard rumours of the investigation (which Gala Bingo is now assisting the police with) and says “it would be terrible if it turned out to be true.”

According to a 56-year old male customer of the hall, the club is a large part of the community, and says that “everyone knows someone who goes here,” while another member says that attending the club’s bingo sessions is a “big part of my week.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed that an investigation had been recently, but would only state that “enquiries are continuing into a report of financial irregularities” at the Hawthorn Street premises. A Gala Bingo spokesperson confirmed that “we are working with the police to assist them with their investigations” and added that “it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

The club is owned by the Gala Coral Group Ltd, which operates land-based and online casinos, bingo sites, and bookmakers. Gala is also said to be the leading operator in the UK bingo industry, boasting a market share of approximately 45%.

As always, we’d love to hear what our readers think about our stories. If this had happened at your local club, what would you have to say about it? Would it put you off going? Perhaps you’d be concerned that if you won a large amount of money, they wouldn’t be able to pay it?


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