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Posh Bingo getting Government backing for bingo?

  • 12 Aug 09
  • Written by

Posh Bingo

After parading their very own Gordon Brown look alike around Westminster recently in the hope of proving to the posh people of the area that not even the PM is ‘not too posh for bingo’, Posh Bingo have indeed attracted a lot of attention. This unusual means of promotion is a brilliantly topical way of getting your name heard we think, as it is indeed an amusing advertising campaign that simultaneously reminds the government that the bingo issue is still around and that bingo is still big on the public’s agenda.

Share all the fun with your friends as well as your favourite roomies

Posh Bingo have since uploaded some images from this campaign onto their Facebook site and are currently inviting players to suggest captions for these. If you can, get over to their Facebook page before the 12th, and suggest a few yourself. If you’re entry is picked by the toffs at Posh, you stand to win masses of loyalty points and there will be loads left over if you’re just pipped at the post and are second in the race to make us all smile!

Winning us over

A novel and interesting use of their official Facebook site, instead of advertising all the latest promos via this networking site as most sites are want to do, Posh seem to be working toward pioneering an interactive response to site-related news which engages the feel of the social site itself.

This kind of imaginative usage is bound to capture some attention across the site; after all it is unusual ideas such as these that are a big hit with users of these such sites, and that’s when ideas like this one go viral. That’s the sort of level of advertising that Posh Bingo are clearly looking and deserve in this instance.

Combine this ingenuity with the promise of a trip to Paradise for one lucky player, and it’s clear that Posh really knows how to capture the public’s attention! To get in on this amazing chance of a lifetime join in play at the Sail the Posh Way into Paradise game at 8pm on Sunday 20th September and be the first to cover the Cruise Ship pattern! Thank goodness for Posh is all we can say and well done for creating yet more Facebook fun; whato!


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