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Real-life Tombola Fans Get to Star in New TV Ad

  • 16 Aug 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altAll regular players love Tombola Bingo, but if you haven’t found the love yet, then read on……

Do you love your regular online bingo site so much that you’d call yourself a super-fan? Do you proudly wear a branded t-shirt or drink from a branded mug to publically display your love for the site? If so, you’ll be green with envy when you read today’s story about a couple of bingo-mad players….

Two Sunderland residents have recently won a prize beyond their wildest dreams, thanks to their favourite site, Tombola Bingo. Christopher McGill, aged 28, and Joanne Drysdale, aged 33, were picked from a cast of hundreds of hopefuls to star in an all-new TV advertising campaign for the brand. The Sunderland-based site held open auditions via their website, and having entered and been invited to Leeds to audition in person, the pair were picked to cast in the new ad which will be shown country-wide over the next twelve months.

Neither Christopher nor Joanne has appeared on television before, so understandably, they’re very excited at the prospect of seeing themselves appearing on the big screen. Joanne is a single mother-of-one who works as a contracts manager, and says that her 13-year-old son is even more excited than her, and is very proud of his soon-to-be-superstar mum. She went on to say that she’s “never really done anything like this, but am always game for a laugh.”

The advert and promotional shots were filmed during a three-day session in Brighton earlier this summer, and included scenarios in which the twosome had to decorate cakes, perform karaoke, dance, and enjoy beach games and an open-top bus tour of the seaside town – a far cry from their homes back in Sunderland. Christopher, who works for EDF Energy, thinks “it’s all a bit surreal” that his face will be appearing on televisions across the country, but that “filming was amazing, and it was so much fun to do.”

According to Tombola’s Head of Marketing, Dawn-Elizabeth Howe, casting real-life members in their campaign was vital to the company in order to give something back to players at their site.
Look out for Christopher and Joanne appearing in the latest Tombola ad on a TV set near you very soon!

We want to know whether you’ve ever had your face on TV, and if so where? Also, do you think more online bingo sites like Tombola should make an effort to include their members in radio, internet and TV advertising and promotions?


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