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Record Breaking Bingo Win of £1.2 million!

  • 02 Apr 08
  • Written by admin

Playing bingo is a fun hobby for most of us, but for some it can become
a life-changing event. This week one lucky lady in Coatbridge near Glasgow has won a
world record breaking £1.2 million from a tiny stake of £12!

Soraya Lowell agreed with her neighbour of 20 years Agnes O’Neil
when they started playing bingo together 18 months ago that any winnings they had
would be split down the middle. Neither of them expected to win a record-breaking
amount – and yet Soraya has kept to her side of the bargain with no hesitations at
all. Both players are thrilled with their win, but insist the money will not change
their lives.

Big jackpots

Both online and live bingo sites are offering players the chance to win huge
jackpots, and with numbers entering into the millions and over, bingo is becoming
increasingly popular more than ever. Bingo is essentially a social game, no matter
whether you play in a hall with friends or online with roomies. This is why it
comes as no surprise that these two friends had no reservations about splitting
their winnings. Friendships form the very foundation of the excitement of a bingo
game and this latest headline story is a great demonstration of how playing with
a team mentality can get you better odds of winning and better winnings.

Team efforts

There are many sites
which offer Team efforts huge rewards, whether in the form of huge million loyalty
points pay outs or in prizes. Sites such
as Bingo Jetset
and Bingo Fabulous
reward Teams by offering monthly tourneys, which, in effect, give back the winners
free play to win on the thrice-weekly million pound games.

Meet the players

Getting closer to your roomies (maybe even close enough to split your winnings)
and bingoing on a coverall are just two ways of making the most of your time spent
playing online bingo games. Having close relationships with those you play with can
even afford you fantastic times out on the town. Sites such as
Foxy Bingo and
Game Village Bingo
offer the chance to meet the players who you spend your time with, so you can get to
know your roomies and team members better as well as having a good time meeting

Or go it alone

If you prefer flying solo
however, there are also sites that reward you for doing so on a regular basis.
888 Ladies has
a Solo Tournament which offers players up to £90 worth of loyalty points,
and this tourney runs every week.

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