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Remember to check online Bingo sites terms and conditions

  • 06 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo AustraliaAll online bingo players, I would imagine without exception sign up to online bingo sites by filling out the online bingo sites forms, they then leave their credit card details, then arbitrarily they tick the box that reads’ I agree to the terms and conditions’ then play their online bingo games.  How many of us really do read the terms and conditions of any online bingo site, or for that matter any other online site that asks us to register our details?  The fact is most people don’t and that could in some circumstances cause a problem.

Free Cash may not mean free winnings

For a start many online bingo sites offer free cash without making a deposit, so that ‘you can try before you buy’, but what happens if you win a jackpot?  Well in most cases the sites offer you special points to play with but usually it is purely play money and as such if a player wins a big prize playing online bingo they don’t actually get to receive it.  There are a few exceptions but they are few and far between, one that springs to mind is Foxy Bingo which currently offers a £20 incentive to new players to join the site.  As usual our favourite fox is on the case by allowing a withdrawal of online bingo winnings to be carried out subject to a suitable deposit being made.

But sometimes the terms and conditions can have further hidden traps that most online bingo players might not be aware of, and any winnings may get confiscated from a player who has been playing a site for a long time.  One such incident has just taken place in Australia, a mother and daughter who lived in the same house had been playing the Bingo Australia site and the mother won $500.  When the mother had wanted to withdraw her winnings the Bingo Australia site accused the mother and daughter of fraud and confiscated the winnings.  The online bingo site’s reasoning behind the charge was that they both played at the same address from the same IP address, they were therefore considered to be one and the same person and were in breach of the sites terms and conditions. The Bingo Australia terms and conditions state ‘Only ONE account is allowed per player and per household – In the event a player opens multiple accounts to achieve bonuses, all bank/winnings and bonus balances will be removed and these balances will become null and void – no exceptions.’

Don’t tick the box without reading the T & C’s

This is an extreme situation but it draws attention to the fact that we as players must ensure that we are not in breach of any terms and conditions when we play or we could lose our winnings, which for very small jackpots it wouldn’t be more than a grumbling annoyance, however with a big jackpot involved it could be very upsetting indeed. Remember guys – always read the terms and conditions carefully, don’t just tick the box!

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