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Rogers Bingo CH competition winner

  • 19 Oct 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altMany online bingo players are quite happy to say that one of the main reasons for choosing a bingo site, and staying there, is the atmosphere and how friendly and lively the chat is. All bingo sites have Chat Hosts or Chat Moderators to make sure that games run smoothly as well as running a variety of fun chat games, and many players have said how much they’d love a job like it.  Rogers Bingo though have gone one step further and actually run a brilliant competition where players could fulfil their dreams and become a Chat Host for the day in the Chat Master Contest.

This exciting challenge took place between the 17th and 19th of September and the contestants had to host a chat game where, as usual, BBs were awarded.  Then players had to vote for their favourite Chat Host. This was a very close competition, fought out by ten players but in the end  the winner was decided by a single vote! In second place was hasmoneynow but just inching ahead was daddywantsabatmobile. Daddywantsabatmobile hosted a game called Cars of the Stars, which as the name suggests was based on the cars and drivers featured in different films and TV programmes. Roomies were allowed to google their answers if they wanted to, with the 1st correct answer earning the player 3BBs, 2nd fastest getting 2 BBs and 3rd place walking away with 1BB.

Daddywantsabatmobile was happy to admit it was a nerve wracking experience, especially with the speed with which the answers came in. They thanked CH Nina for her help, as she was in the room as well to help make sure that no mistakes were made and the correct roomies were awarded the correct amount of BBs. Daddywantsabatmobile went on to say that she originally registered to play online bingo at Rogers Bingo for a few weeks in the summer holidays but has had so much fun that they’re still playing there now. Their favourite place to play is the UK 90 ball £0.05 room and they love the different Chat Hosts, especially Nina and Carly and their trivia questions.

Rogers Bingo continues to amaze us with their fabulous promotions – and there is another exciting chat host competition running this weekend.  If you missed the first one why not check the latest one out – just don’t forget to keep us informed if you win and what your chat game was.

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