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Roulette and bingo a match made in Tombola Bingo heaven

  • 01 May 09
  • Written by admin

Tombola Bingo

If you are getting a little fed up with playing your usual online bingo game and are looking for something new and different, maybe you are looking for an online bingo game that is not the same as every other online bingo site out there, tired of the same software and formats ….. then get yourself down to Tombola Bingo because you are in for a treat. Tombola Bingo have just launched the amazing and exciting Tombola Bingo Roulette game, which merges the two games together into a thrilling and unique online bingo concept.

The new Tombola Bingo Roulette game is the very latest in superb game designs from Tombola, who are always keen to bring their online bingo players something a little bit different. The Tombola Bingo Roulette game took six months to develop, because the team at Tombola they were so keen to bring a fresh and polished online bingo game to their many fans.

Tombola Bingo Roulette is extremely easy to play but the simplicity of the gameplay takes nothing away from the excitement of the game itself. All that is required is to buy up to four sets of chips for the Tombola Bingo roulette game, at least one set of eight chips are then placed on the Tombola Bingo roulette table, which can then be moved to the players preferred bingo numbers. The roulette wheel begins to spin, at which point the chips can no longer be moved by the player, each time a bingo number is called and it matched the set then the online bingo players chip is then removed. A winner is declared when a full set of Tombola Bingo Roulette chips have been removed.

Jackpots are very generous and appear to be quite frequent, in fact there were seven jackpot winners declared in the Tombola Bingo Roulette game in the first 24 hours of the launch. In the Mirage Tombola Bingo Roulette game a set of chips are only 10p and offers a £400 jackpot, the Venetian game sees a set of chips rising in price to 25p with the jackpot also increasing to a very attractive £1,000 and the ultimate Bellagio game offers a set of chips for £50 and a prize jackpot of £2,000.

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