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Rugby Gala Bingo player scoops a big jackpot win

  • 18 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoBingo Hideout are absolutely amazed that there has been yet another big Gala Bingo hall winner on the High 5 game.  Hot on the heels of the Hounslow Gala Bingo High 5 winner, the lucky winner this time in Rugby has also decided to remain anonymous.  The massive£260,000 jackpot win was split as is usual in the High 5 Gala Bingo game, with £135,000 for the winner and the remainder of the jackpot an impressive £125,000 split between the other players in the popular High 5 bingo game. Each of the other 43 players therefore won just shy of £3k each, which as a bonus from another winner’s good fortune has got to be very welcome indeed.

Sharing bingo win with her friend

The winner was playing at the town centre Gala Bingo hall on North Street, and was reported in her local paper as saying that she was ‘ecstatic’ to have walked away with such a massive jackpot bingo win.  The player has been a member of the Gala Bingo hall for many years and is a regular visitor playing regularly with her friend who accompanies her.  There is no information on how the lucky Gala Bingo winner will spend her windfall though it is our understanding that she has a pre-agreement with her friend that if either of them won a jackpot then they would split any cash.

Dancing in the street ….

Anyone who has never enjoyed the delights of an evening at a traditional bingo hall should go to experience the excitement that builds when playing the High 5 bingo game – where winning on a five will hopefully provide a massive jackpot and a shared bingo win.  Online bingo is fabulous of course but can’t match the bingo hall winning experience.  The camaraderie between other bingo players who can share the excitement and the ability to shout sing and dance with a whole hall of people on a bingo win can not be matched by the online variety!


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