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Scratch that itch at Bingo on the Box!

  • 16 May 09
  • Written by admin

 Bingo on the Box

Although we are committed to the game of online bingo and all the fun it brings us,we are also big believers in the theory that ‘a little bit of what you fancy does you good’. If what you fancy is a slightly different way of enjoying your time online and want to experiment with new games, stay tuned.

What’s the Italian for scratch card?

Since the launch of online bingo there has been a huge take up of the range of games available on most sites. In fact, it seems that the number of games available is always on the increase to the extent that sites like Bingo on the Box are producing new games every month.

It is this commitment to an ever increasing number of side-games that has produced the latest spin off of online bingo and it comes in the form of Hopa.com. Opening with the tagline ‘Scratch and change your day’, this brand spanking new site shows that it knows exactly what makes its games popular and why we love em! With every third scratchie creating a winner, there’s plenty of reasons why you should get involved. This new site offers a huge range of scratchies all in the one place and is a truly international site. As such Hopa is available in many languages and countries, so you can even play it pretty much wherever your Summer holiday may take you.

What’s so special about it then?

There are weekly specials up for grabs here as you would expect from any form of bingo online, so it’s worth checking out their weekly schedule of discounts if your site only offers discounts on scratchies once in a while. With plenty of chances to pick up bonuses on the way, and even a monthly chance to win cash prizes. There’s a huge 100% bonus on your first deposit and £5 to play with on registering, so why not drop by?

Still our first love

We love that online bingo is creating new opportunities for others, though we do feel-of course- that there’s nothing like the real thing. Sites such as these are great if you feel like indulging in a few new scratchies every now and then though of course since most bingo sites now offer many extras to their bingo games, it’s worth noting that you won’t have the many benefits on hand that you will at your favourite bingo site. Whereas on almost all bingo sites now you can get involved in the chat feature for example, Hopa only has a ‘shout out’ feature where you can leave messages about the site. Enjoy a good scratch here but we’d always advise you to come home to bingo for bonuses, points and chat!


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