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Scunthorpe set for a celebration Gala

  • 26 Oct 08
  • Written by admin

It’s been a good week for live bingo, and an especially good week for players in Scunthorpe where a massive win of £194,188 was picked up by Pamela Markham with a further £185,188 to be shared between the 74 other people that were there to play uk bingo during the Gala Bingo national game.

The game was played between the 157 Gala halls across the country and meant that ecstatic players celebrating their win after the game overran the town.

Record breaking

This latest win smashed the previous record win of £105,000 at Scunthorpe, but didn’t stop Mrs Markham going back to work at the family chippy an hour after the win! Pamela has said she will as usual share her winnings with her sister in law.

This huge boon to a small town shows how a simple night out playing bingo can change lives. Although Gala have left the National Game and are now only playing across their own brand halls, the jackpots are still substantial and well worth braving the cold nights for.

We are glad to hear that things are picking up in the world of live bingo here at the Hideout. It is after all the heritage of bingo online and it serves an important function in terms of a social night out enjoying our favourite game for those who do not have an Internet connection or can’t manage to get out very often.

Congratulations to all those lucky players in Scunthorpe this week from the Hideout….anyone for a celebration chip butty?


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