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Sisters Perform Bingo Double Act in Isle of Man

  • 27 Oct 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altTwo sisters from Peel in the Isle of Man have recently seen lightning strike twice whilst playing at Palace Bingo in Douglas. Not only did they both win a jackpot prize, but they won within minutes of each other, making them possibly the luckiest sisters the club’s ever seen.

Diane Christian and Susan Williamson are regular Friday night visitors to the bingo hall at the Best Western Palace Hotel & Casino, but neither of them had ever won a significant prize…until recently.

Last month, a fortuitous evening saw Diane jumping for joy with a £500 win, swiftly followed by her sister, Susan, claiming a £1,200 holiday in the very next game.

Diane’s victory was thanks to a jackpot game, where the first player to complete their card within the first 50 calls and call house wins the big-money prize. Only the week before, she’d come painfully close, being just one number off, but this time, she managed to claim her full house on ball 47. Susan was equally delighted with her sister’s good fortune, and carried on to play in a special game for members who had won at the club in previous weeks.

Despite a promising start, Susan’s dabber soon became a little less frantic, leaving her dangling on one final number (90), whilst four or more numbers continued to be called, leaving her to believe she’d lost her chance. Amazed at the lack of shouts of ‘house’ from other players, Susan couldn’t believe her luck when her number was eventually called. Having double-checked that she’d correctly daubed her game card, she went on to claim the star prize – a holiday worth £1,200!

Susan was over the moon with her win, as she’d been on holiday to Spain for the past two years with Diane and her family, but didn’t think she’d be able to afford it for a third-year running. On the other hand, Diane’s £500 jackpot winnings are going towards much-needed spending money for her trip to America this month.

The operators of Palace Bingo in Douglas, Sefton Group Marketing, said that this was the first occurrence of “sisters winning two major prizes on the same night,” and that they are equally pleased with the happy ending. Meanwhile, both Susan and Diane are promising that they will continue their regular pilgrimage to the club, and that there are “many prizes still to be won.”

If you’ve ever had a lucky moment with a sibling, write in and let us know.

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