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Sky Bingo reveals the benefit of trying a new bingo site

  • 08 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Sky BingoSky Bingo proves that winning smaller bingo jackpots can be every bit as enjoyable as winning the great big massive life changing bingo cash prizes.  Of course winning a big jackpot is what bingo players dreams are made of, but maybe we all set our sights too high dreaming of these big cash prizes.  Surely a bit of extra cash no matter how much would be gratefully received by all of us no matter what our situation.  Sky Bingo has had a small run of these smaller jackpot winners, all of them winning at least £1,000 and all being extremely happy about their good fortune.

Cometh the latest Sky Bingo winner

The recent Sky Bingo winners include a new player, Clare B who won on her first venture into the joys of playing online bingo at Sky.  Clare had only purchased three tickets and won £1,000 in the ‘Cometh the Ton’ game almost immediately, which must be some kind of record surely!   Clare was so excited that she had to go and wake her husband to share the good news of her lucky win. The exciting thing about Clare’s story is that she was actually a loyal player of another bingo site, but feeling like a bit of a change, she tried Sky Bingo!  This is one of the exciting things about having so much variety of online bingo sites to choose from.

Small but perfectly formed for a bingo win?

Of course there is another way of looking at big bingo jackpot prizes – after all aren’t we more likely to win a prize in a smaller jackpot room than one where there are literally hundreds of players all vying for the same huge jackpot prize on offer? So why not give Sky Bingo a try if you haven’t already, as they have a £15 free bingo bonus offer for new account holders and they have some real bargain bingo on offer, with free and 1p bingo games every day.


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