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Social networking, news and insider information at Bingo Hideout

  • 23 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo HideoutJoining social networking sites like Facebook and twitter are all very well, but have you thought about social networking that is more geared towards your own particular interest or hobby?  Bingo Hideout is not only a great site for all the latest news, gossip and industry insider information for the bingo world, the Bingo Hideout blog site also provides a social networking function too. The great thing about social networking on sites like Bingo Hideout is the fact that you are going to be chatting to great people who have similar interests to your own.

The Bingo Hideout community are really important

Although some online bingo sites such as Tombola, may have their own version of a social networking site, the beauty of visiting Bingo Hideout and participating in their community chat room is that there is no bias towards a particular online bingo site.  Participants in the Bingo Hideout social networking feature are able to talk quite freely about their own preferences and experiences knowing full well that they won’t be in breach of any online bingo site rules.  Bingo Hideout has an active, friendly and inclusive bunch of members that you can chat to, all of whom will very quickly become true friends. As well as making full use of the social side of things, visiting Bingo Hideout provides a full wealth of information about bingo topics; there is all the latest bingo news and interesting bingo articles to read, where to find the best free bingo games and of course all the latest bingo bonus and promotion offers, so that any bingo player visiting is going to feel completely informed but more importantly will get the opportunity to mix with like minded people.

Joining is easy and is the first step towards finding new bingo friends

Bingo Hideout are keen to look after the bingo playing community and are pleased to provide such an exciting function as social networking to the online bingo world.  To take part in the Bingo Hideout social networking forum it is a simple case of registering and then visiting the community pages, there it is possible to create your profile, share photographs and favourite videos, create a group or join other bingo groups, add friends and view their profiles ….. in fact any usual social networking function you can think of you can find it all at Bingo Hideout, sometimes you may even get the opportunity to chat to the Bingo Hideout team!

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