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St Minver announce change of bingo software from Parlay

  • 22 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

St MinverA report on the Gambling Compliance website states that St Minver will be changing its Independent Bingo Network software from Parlay to the company’s own bingo software.  The news that St Minver will be moving to their bingo software shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone as it seemed very likely once GTECH G2 was launched in a blaze of publicity at the Online bingo summit this year.  Of course for GTECH G2 utilizing their own software brand Boss Media makes complete business sense, however for Parlay Entertainment the loss of another big online bingo industry name must sting more than a little.

The report on the Gambling Compliance website however has the Parlay Entertainment head honcho, Scott White stating that losing St Minver will have “no material impact” on the company at all.  Hot air or do they have other irons in the fire?  Well we can’t say, but Parlay Entertainment must have seen the writing on the wall as the rest of the industry did that they were likely to lose one of their major bingo customers.   Standard business practice would have had them doing a simple SWOT test (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) when the news of GTECH G2 was announced which would have allowed the company to forward plan for such an eventuality. Bingo Hideout reported on not only the newly formed iGaming operation but also the new Boss Media online bingo software version 2.2 way back in June.

The Parlay Entertainment President and Chief Executive was not about to show any weakness on receiving such bad news, and said in the Gambling Compliance report that “St Minver is presently one of Parlay’s smallest customers”.  Whether there is a hint of sour grapes in the statement or not, it is without doubt going to register some alarm bells for Parlay, and most certainly in the wake of losing other big online bingo names like Paddy Power Bingo and of course Virgin Bingo this year.

For Alison Digges the lady who heads the bingo division of GTech G2, the statement in the report was matter of fact, stating “Pooling the liquidity of over 80 bingo partners will make the GTECH G2 bingo network one of the leading networks in 2010” and who can argue with that, as from a business perspective it certainly makes sound economic sense in what is a difficult economic climate.

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