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Statistically bingo players more likely to win bingo jackpot

  • 11 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Moon BingoBingo Hideout were interested to see an article pop up on the Times regarding the odds of a big lottery win compared to a big bingo win.  If the facts stated are correct then it appears that statistically bingo players are more likely to win a big bingo win on the National Bingo game, as statistic show that they provide odds of 200,000 to 1 of a win as opposed to the likelihood of winning a major lotto jackpot which according to the statistics quoted are 14 million to 1.  If the Cambridge mathematician quoted in the article is correct then it begs the question, why an earth are we all rushing out to buy our lottery tickets each week when a quick visit to the local bingo hall to play in one of the big bingo games, is much more likely to provide a result?

Of course the big bingo win may be more likely to happen if the statistics are correct but the size of the jackpot would certainly in no way compete with some of the major jackpots offered in lotteries like the Euromillions or Lotto held each week.  A big bingo win whether achieved in a bingo hall or playing online bingo is almost a drop in the ocean in comparison.  Of course there are some big bingo jackpots advertised at UK bingo sites, one that springs to mind is the Super Millionaire £10,000,000 at Moon Bingo, though we are yet to cover a story of a winner of this massive bingo jackpot prize.  The Super Millionaire is billed on the Moon Bingo site as ‘the biggest Bingo Jackpot ever’.

It is worth remembering though that buying a lottery ticket doesn’t involve the benefits of the social side of the humble bingo game either, so with all things taken into consideration a game of bingo will give so much more pleasure than just the (some might say highly unlikely) prospect of massive win.  The article in the Times was discussing how big lottery winners actually spend their cash, a topic covered because of the big Euromillions win that has just been announced.  Some of the lottery winners interviewed used the cash to purchase cosmetic surgery and one had a heart transplant.  This got us thinking about how our readers might spend a big bingo win; we would therefore love to hear from Bingo Hideout readers on how they would spend their windfall if they were lucky enough to have that big bingo win.


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