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Steamy Bingo – Hotting Up or Cooling Down?

  • 24 Jun 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIn today’s online bingo world competition is fierce to attract a player’s attention and operators strive to make theirs the site you want to play at. However some brands seem to be taking things to excess in their home page design and a classic example of this was Steamy Bingo. This brand first started out on it’s journey on the Better Bingo Network – the network that hosts brands like Deal or No Deal Bingo

– and the home page featured scantily clad blokes and a colour scheme that wouldn’t look out of place in a strip club!

A couple of months ago Steamy Bingo disappeared completely, the site redirected to Naughty Bingo (another site trying to sexualise bingo) and no more was heard about this brand. That was until recently when the site reappeared in a new guise. If you are looking for a little eye candy, a brand that thinks sex sells bingo, then you might find that this site appeals but is it hotting up with the new software or cooling down?

That’s a matter of opinion because whilst Steamy might have you hot under the collar it has simply taken a side step from one network to another so it’s really a case of what you expect from your online gaming experience? Do you need a picture of a six pack to light your fire? Do you prefer to get your thrills from the game or chat room rather than saucy innuendo?  Do you think that there is even a place for some large helpings of sauce with your bingo?  We would love to hear your views on the subject, so please do let us know your thoughts.

We digress, so back to the site itself and what you can expect…….Well, if you are a fan of the Virtue Fusion/Playtech software then the new Steamy Bingo possibly won’t be for you.  If however your appetite is whet by the 888/Globalcom offerings from the likes of Bingo Jetset, then the new gaming offered by Steamy could well have you working up a sweat – well as much as watching an online bingo game can ;). The guys in the Hideout office are divided on the steamy issue, some believing that the site helps fill a certain void and others who are left stone cold by both the recent change to the software and the concept in general.  So maybe in this regard, if we are divided, then the general bingo playing public will be too.

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