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Stewart Hosie asks the House why the cost of a full house is so high

  • 28 Nov 08
  • Written by admin

The politics of bingoThis week SNP MP Stewart Hosie once again addressed the issue of taxation for live bingo halls in the House of Commons. He has addressed Angela Eagle the Treasury Minister directly asking why live uk bingo is subject to such high levels of tax.

Live bingo needs help

After their discussion in the House of Commons in January when Angela Eagle stated that ‘bingo is not the only gambling sector to face both duty and VAT’, Mr Hosie has now written to the Treasury Minister once again to argue that ‘The UK Government’s treatment of the bingo sector is incredibly unfair and action needs to be undertaken to help the sector at this very difficult time’.

He goes on to argue that “Licensed bingo remains the only gambling product subject to double taxation, which results in an effective tax rate of 28.2 per cent compared with 15 per cent for most other gambling products’ and hopes that on this occasion, the Treasury Minister will take note of his concerns.

Speak up for live bingo, wherever you are

Mr Hosie also goes on to point out the importance of bingo to elder persons who use the game as a way to interact socially. Here at the Hideout we support the world of live bingo as much as we love uk online bingo. We hope that Mr Hosie’s voice is heard so that more players will return to support the version of the game that was the starting point for online bingo.

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