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Strictly Bingo production is all about life in the local bingo hall

  • 26 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Strictly BingoThere seems to be an abundance of productions for theatre and film audiences based on bingo halls at the moment.  If you are an avid bingo fan and like nothing more than to visit your local bingo hall to play a few bingo games, to play online bingo when you get home and then to dream about the bingo game in all its glory when you go to sleep then you will be overjoyed to know that you can also enjoy the whole ambience of bingo when you visit the theatre.

The latest production is taking place at the Hackney Empire and is called Strictly Bingo, the comedy drama is based on what the playwright believes to be the typical lives, relationships and loves of bingo players and staff of a typical bingo hall.  The fictitious East London bingo hall in the play is called the Majestic and theatre goers will be taken on a magic ride of tension and high drama as the players dream of their big money bingo jackpot win. The cast of the Strictly Bingo play are all unknown actors taking part in a theatre project so the play will appeal to those that like the earthy quality of productions that have a smaller budget than those put on in the west end.

Regular readers of Bingo Hideout will recall our stories regarding the low budget Hollywood film Bingo Confidential.  This film is currently gaining pace in the US as the World premiere of the film is about to be screened at the Long Island Film Festival.  Bingo Confidential, for those that missed our earlier articles is a comedy ‘fly on the wall’ style movie that follows the trials and tribulations of six bingo playing individuals who attend a bingo club hoping to win a Million Dollar bingo jackpot.

For readers who would like to see if the luvvies have got the facts straight in the Strictly Bingo production, you will need to get yourself to the Hackney Empire asap as time is running out to see the play.  If you miss the play you can always take a trip to your local Gala Bingo or Mecca Bingo hall and see if the people are more entertaining than the bingo balls!

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