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Surprising results in Poshest UK Celebrity survey from Posh Bingo

  • 09 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Posh BingoPosh Bingo has just published the results of a survey to determine who their online bingo fans think is the poshest celeb in the UK.  Scoring 18% and luckily for HRH, the Queen reached first place ranking, with second place vote given to Joanna Lumley with 7%.  After this the survey gets a little peculiar in the results department, as third place in the Posh Bingo poll to find the poshest celebrity in the UK is given to Cheryl Cole with 5% of the votes, and surprisingly gained equal placing to the Queen with online bingo players in the North East.

Katie Price posh what tosh!

Posh Bingo have also revealed a few other surprises in their Celebrity Posh poll, as they have stated that Posh Bingo players have also included the likes of Katie Price in the posh department along with her newly divorced ex-husband Peter Andre.  Now call us mean if you like but surely Katie Price can not really be called posh by any stretch of the imagination! The Oxford English Dictionary states the definition of posh as ‘the quality or state of being elegant, stylish or upper class’, so possibly there was a hint of irony in the answers given to Posh Bingo by their online bingo players, when they stated that Katie Price was posh! Our own recent online bingo survey did not cover who players thought was posh, so maybe we could include something like that in the next one!

Posh Bingo players are posh too

Other notable entries in the Posh Bingo poll are Amanda Holden, Victoria Beckham, Helen Mirren, David Beckham and thankfully another royal gets a look in, with Prince Charles being voted for.  Posh Bingo themselves are not saying that those celebrities voted for by the online bingo players really believe that they are posh either, Maurice Karpes of Posh Bingo said “I don’t think Katie Price or David Beckham would claim to be posh, yet their celebrity status is sufficient to give them a certain prestige. What it does show is that nobody’s too posh for a game of bingo!”.  Surprisingly 5% of the Posh Bingo players votes themselves as the poshest person in the country,so lets hope that the Queen was one of those polled!


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