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Take a note of these favourite numbers

  • 12 May 09
  • Written by admin

mecca Bingo

As confirmed fans of new ways to play bingo, we at the Hideout were delighted to hear of the latest invention by Mark Walsh of Morley in this weeks Yorkshire Evening Post. Not only has he created a modern version of the Rock and Roll classic game, but mecca bingo has even signed up for a trial of this fab punt in their Nottingham hall.

Can you name that tune?

Making Mr Walsh a huge winner, this investment from one of the largest bingo brands in the UK may even lead to a rollout across the country if the new game proves successful, meaning that this businessman will be in the money as much as the winners of his game!

Top of the Pops

This game is fantastic fun and will challenge even the most seasoned player as you listen to classic tunes instead of number calls and mark these song titles and artists down on your card. Having toured various universities and having had more than 50,000 players already give the game the thumbs up, Mr Walsh head of Mark Walsh PR and Marketing is now trying to get the game accepted in more of his local pubs. Since its debut in the JD Sports Bar, the game is now played out weekly among the locals at this popular bar, and Mr Walsh is hoping that players of Meccabingo.co.uk will be as keen on this fun and groovy bingo game.

Resurrect those old cassettes to win

Mark has said of his game that, “We just started playing it in a few places and it just went through the roof”. If you’re hoping your local Mecca Bingo will be hosting a game soon, dig out your old Now tapes and any copies of Smash Hits you may have in the loft so that you’ll be able to recognise even the most obscure Adam Ant hit before the rest of the players in the hall!

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